Vendor Registration

The Town of Jupiter requires vendors and service providers to register when a signed agreement has been executed with either the Town of Jupiter, or a private event being held at the Jupiter Civic Center, Jupiter Old Town Hall, Jupiter Community Center or Jupiter Skate Park. This new policy will be voluntary for the rest of 2017, however, beginning in 2018 registration will be mandatory.  This is in ADDITION to the Business Tax Registration and is managed by the Jupiter Recreation Department.

The purpose of this registration is to ensure:
  • The most reputable vendors and service providers are available 
  • Vendors and service providers are in compliance of all rental policies 
  • Vendors and service providers are in compliance of insurance and Town of Jupiter Business Licensing 
A "registered vendor and service provider" means a business that has submitted the required paperwork and has been added to the Town of Jupiter Vendor and Service Provider List.  Once a business has completed all of the registration requirements the business will be placed on the “Registered Vendor and Service Provider List.”  This list will be available on the Facility Rental website in PDF format to all prospective clients looking to book events, weddings, parties and more at the Civic Center, Old Town Hall, Community Center and Skate Park.

Inclusion on this list does NOT imply any kind of endorsement by the Town of Jupiter nor does it guarantee in any way the quality of service they provide. Vendors are hired and contracted at the renters own risk.  We recommend you always read the agreement you execute with any vendor or service provider. 

If you are a vendor or service provider and wish to register please visit the Vendor and Service Provider Registration website for more information.