Hurricane Irma Debris Collection

The Town’s debris management contractor, Crowder Gulf, will begin collection in the Town on Saturday, September 16th. 

Due to the natural disaster and to expedite removing debris from the Town, the contractor will be operating seven (7) days per week from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. For information, these hours are consistent with the hours of operation of the SWA temporary debris site. Residents should anticipate crews working in their neighborhoods during these hours using small equipment (skid steer loaders “Bobcats”), grapple trucks and truck/trailer combinations to remove and haul debris. We will work with the contractor to better define their movement in the Town and especially in advance of weekends. 

UPDATE 9/15/2017:

Debris collection will begin on Saturday and Sunday in the Hamptons/Maplewood, Martinique, Pine Gardens North and the Shores neighborhoods. As you prepare for pick-up, please do not combine yard debris and construction/structural debris in the same pile for pick-up. Also, please do not place pick-up piles near or around any structures such as fire hydrants, poles, trees, mailboxes, etc. Homeowners’ associations will be making arrangements for debris removal on roadways and rights of way they maintain.