About Our Divisions

The following information on the various divisions and units within the police department should provide some helpful insight on the diversity of services performed by the Jupiter Police Department.

Patrol Bureau

The patrol bureau commanders are responsible for some of the most necessary units within the agency which ensure that efficient and highly professional levels of service are provided to the citizens of Jupiter such as road patrol, police service aides and communications. Patrol bureau commanders also oversee the Neighborhood Enhancement Team, Juvenile First Offender program, Community Emergency Response Team and volunteers.

Administrative Services

The administrative services division commander is responsible for support units within the agency which include data systems, fleet and asset maintenance, records, recruitment and hiring, and training.

Operations Support

The operations support bureau commander is responsible for providing some of the most vital support units within the agency. These units include: criminal investigations, forensics and crime scene investigation, evidence and property, canine unit, marine unit, street crimes unit, task forces, special weapons and tactics team, hostage negotiation team, and the underwater recovery team.

Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for crime analysis, budget preparation and budget management, acquisition of alternative funding resources, management of the early warning system, technology innovations, policy development, strategic planning, and oversight of the accreditation process.