Eco-Tourism Activities

Surf the web for a definition of Eco-Tourism and you'll notice an abundance of terms and buzz words designed to catch your attention and your dollar. To deliberately generalize a definition; Eco-tourism is designed to encourage ecological preservation and improve the well-being of the host communities while allowing tourists the opportunity to enjoy nature and the local culture.

The primary objective of this website is to highlight the north county Eco-tourism attractions, the north county non-profit/government organizations, and Town of Jupiter businesses related directly to nature, adventure and cultural Eco-tourism.

This website should only be considered as a source of reference of what Eco-tourism opportunities await you in Jupiter, FL. Since Eco-tourism means many different things to many different people it will be up to you to choose the business/organization that aligns its definition and practices of Eco-tourism with yours. It should be noted that the Town of Jupiter does not endorse any one business/organization and reserves the right to exclude an organization or business providing that it does not meet our screening standards, see below. In addition, the Town of Jupiter does not have a certification program to guarantee local businesses are in compliance with any and all Eco-tourism principles.

Listing Criteria for Eco-tourism Website

The purpose of this website is to highlight North Palm Beach County attractions and incorporated Town of Jupiter businesses that provide an Eco-tourism component related to a destination or activity. If your business/attraction does not meet these standards you will not be listed on this website. You will not qualify to be listed on this website just by selling retail items related to Eco-tourism. If you are interested in sponsoring a Town of Jupiter Eco-tourism event please contact Russell Ruskay, Director of Business Development at (561) 741-2334 or visit our sponsorships webpage.
  • Examples of Destination:
    i.e., Riverbend Park, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Carlin Park, Camping, Dubois Pioneer Home, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum
  • Examples of Activity:
    i.e., kayaking, canoeing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, equestrian