Instructor Resources

The Jupiter Recreation Division is very proud to offer quality programs & classes that enhance our participants lives while providing the opportunity to build strong relationships.

If you are interested in teaching a class please complete step #1, submit to class coordinator and wait for further direction. Once the class coordinator reviews step #1 and your proposal is accepted you will then be asked to complete step #2.
Following this process will streamline the instructor proposal/approval process and eliminate wasted time and miscommunication.At any given session our class coordinator can be dealing with up to 20 different instructors with several different classes for each instructor.Keeping track of every class, request, payment and need is very difficult to do especially when there are many other responsibilities placed on that individual.
For both new and returning instructors, your cooperation is vital in helping us become more organized and efficient.Budget cuts have affected every aspect of our operations therefore, returning instructors will experience some changes to the way we operate and we expect full cooperation. If an instructor consistently disregards these changes then that instructor's contract could possibly not be approved for the next sessions.
In an effort to be more consistent with session dates we have restructured our class sessions for 9 weeks and will follow the dates as scheduled.Each year these sessions will begin and end roughly around the same time.You are not required to teach the entire 9 weeks, however, your next opportunity to teach will be at the start of the next session unless your class is ongoing.
With the session restructure there are three weeks between each class session with the exception of the Fall & Winter sessions.The time between these two sessions allows for the very busy holiday season, when class participation is low.In addition, the Community Center is shut down completely for at least one-two weeks during the holidays due to the resurfacing of the wood floors in the main gym, the auditorium stage and dance room.
  • Information Deadline
    All information for classes will be required from all instructors, both returning and new by the deadline provided above.The class proposal will be required for each class you intend to teach.
  • Class Pricing
    Pricing a class for "recreation" isn't just telling us what you want to charge for a class.If pricing a new class, the instructor must compare the proposed price to several different Parks & Recreations departments in the immediate area.The going market rate for a class (or similar class) will weigh heavily on the pricing set here at the Jupiter Parks & Recreation Department.The same is true for increasing the price of an existing class, you must also show justification in doing so...not just because you want to do so.Increasing/decreasing length of time and length of session (weeks) could be considered justifications for decreasing and increasing prices.
  • Sessions
    Our classes will be offered in four - 9 week sessions throughout the calendar year. These sessions will be consistent from year to year and will roughly begin and end at the same time every year.(Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall)
  • Holidays
    If a holiday falls on a day you are scheduled to teach a class, the class will be canceled for that day.In the past missed classes were made up at the end of the session however now the 9 week session and fee will be adjusted accordingly to allow for holidays so there will be no make up classes unless, as an instructor you are sick or have a family emergency.
  • Payment/EFT Form
    The Town of Jupiter splits resident registration fees with an instructor in a 70/30 percent split.All class registrations and instructor payments are configured on a recreation registration program called RecTrac.Automatic deposit for payment is required.Processing instructors payment will begin the first week following the end of the class session.
  • Contracts
    Contracts are signed on a yearly basis but allow for changes as described in the contract.
  • Advertising of Sessions & Classes
    (Website, Twitter, TV 18, Online Calendar, e-Newsletter and Town Times
    Due to budget cuts the Town Times/Recreation Round Up will only be mailed twice to residents in a year.The other two issues will be e-mailed to those who have signed up to receive this newsletter via e-mail.This publication will also be available on the Town's website for individuals to download at their leisure.In addition to e-mails and mailing the Town has Comcast Channel 18.A general slide will announce an upcoming session registration dates.On occasion, several existing and new classes can be featured on a slide to help generate interest.As an instructor, it is to your benefit to promote all the Town's public means of communication in addition to actively taking a role in promoting your own classes.Any flyers produced will need to conform to the standard class flyer template and be pre-approved by the Class Coordinator for distribution.
  • Location of Classes
    The location of a class will normally be at the Jupiter Community Center.However, there are a couple of other options that may suit your class needs if the time or day isn't available that you want to teach.Once you are assigned a location you are not to move the class location or add a class without first having it pre-approved by class coordinator.
  • Workman's Comp
  • Insurance
  • Class Attendance
    If your class is canceled due to lack of registration at least 2 sessions in a 12 month period, your class may be at risk of being canceled.Low attended classes can not be justified in keeping them if they are not generating revenue.To help prevent this encourage new and old students to register as soon as possible.Waiting to the last minute could result in your class being canceled.