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Business Development

  1. BTR Satisfaction Survey
  1. JBIZ Seminar: "How to Be Certified as a Disadvantaged, Minority or Woman-owned Business"

    Sign up to attend Free JBIZ Small Business Workshop on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Facility Rentals

  1. Community Center Request Application

    Facility Rental Form Community Center Old Town Hall venues

  2. Old Town Hall Rental Request Application

    Facility Rental Form Old Town Hall

  1. HOA/POA Meeting Request Application

    HOA/POA Facility Rental Form

Human Resources

  1. Employee Wellness Survey

    The wellness committee would like some feedback for upcoming wellness events!

  1. Wellness Program Shirt Size

Information Systems

  1. Historical Document Submission

    This form allows you to submit a photograph, post-card, and/or story to the Jupiter History Website. Please include the requested... More…

  1. New Software Survey

Neighborhood Services

  1. Community Development Block Grant - 2015 Public Meetings

    Public meetings for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

  2. Weatherization Fund Workshop

    workshops signup registration neighborhood services

  1. Senior Academy - November 2016

    workshops signup registration neighborhood services

New Residents

  1. New Resident Guide Request Form

    Welcome new residents! If you would like to receive a hard copy version of Jupiter's New Resident Guide, please complete the form... More…

Payment Form

  1. Town of Jupiter Event Vendor/Exhibitor Payments

    You must be approved before you can submit this form.


  1. Bicycle Registration Form

    Register your bicycle with the Jupiter Police Department. Once you have registered your bicycle online, you will be contacted via... More…

  2. Junior Police Academy Registration Form

    If you are interested in attending the Junior Police Academy and you would like more information, Please take a minute fill out the... More…

  3. Request a Security Check

    You can request a security check for your home or business while you are out of town.

  1. Contact the Jupiter Police Department online

    Attention: Contacting us through the contact form below (JPD Contact Form) or sending us an e-mail should NOT be used in the case of an... More…

  2. Jupiter Police Department Citizen Survey

    Dear Citizen, The Jupiter Police Department’s Citizen Survey is part of our continuing effort to provide professional and efficient... More…

  3. Submit Crime Tips

    If you have a crime tip, please submit it here. You can remain anonymous.


  1. 06 AARP Smart Driver Course June

    Form used to register participants for the AARP Safe Driving Course.

  2. 09 AARP Smart Driver Course September

    Form used to register participants for the AARP Safe Driving Course.

  3. Turtle Trot Volunteer Form
  1. 07 AARP Smart Driver Course July

    Form used to register participants for the AARP Safe Driving Course.

  2. Summer Camp Survey

Special Events

  1. Holiday Boat Parade Feedback

    Survey for Holiday Boat Parade event at the Riverwalk

Town Clerk

  1. Application to Serve on a Jupiter Board or Committee

    Apply for a board or committee. Serve on a board or committee.

Town Manager

  1. EOC Callout List

    List of individuals who report to the EOC for storm or emergency duty.

  2. ICS & Section Chief Callout List

    List of individuals who are section chiefs within TOJ's ICS for storm or emergency duty.

  3. Inlet Village Business Sign Request
  1. Harbourside Place Event Observation
  2. Infrastructure Equity Program Application


  1. Utility Customer Contact Information

    Enables customers to submit updated contact information to Utilities Customer Service.