Cinquez Park

Project Overview

GRAND OPENING: October 27, 2018

Cinquez Park is located immediately north of the intersection on Indiantown Road and Center Street at 2183 West Indiantown Road in Jupiter, Florida. In 2008, the Town of Jupiter (Town) acquired the land for Cinquez Park as part of its open space program. Since that time, the Town has cleared the site of various debris and planted many Florida native trees throughout the site. The park’s development has been split into two phases. 

Phase I is an open space park which includes street parking, site lighting, a small restroom/storage building, sidewalks, gazeboes, a lake, and a dog park; click here to see Phase I Site Plan and here to check out the project history. 

Phase II of Cinquez Park is currently planned to construct a playground area, sidewalks, an additional gazebo, and potentially construct a treehouse in/around the large Banyan tree located on the property. The work performed under Phase I will construct all required infrastructure for the future phase. The park is tentatively scheduled to open sometime in late Fall of 2018 (contingent on the weather), with the timing of future phases to be determined. As the project comes closer to completion we will update our residents.

Below are pictures of the progression for Phase I of the project.  Patience, caution, and slow speeds are encouraged by all modes of travel around the construction site. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Town of Jupiter Engineering Department at 561-741-2372 or email Chrystal Atwell.