Improvement Components


The Town has recognized a need for a dedicated youth softball field that would have a 200 ft. fence. This field would increase the competition within the youth softball program while providing a field that is in alignment with the suggested field dimensions for youth softball.

The proposed field size changes for the Little League and Senior baseball fields were made to meet current field requirements based on the ages that utilize these facilities. This will help the JTAA youth organization in hosting all-star tournaments at JCP in the future.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the nation and the Town does not have any outdoor facilities dedicated to pickleball usage. The proposed plan includes the installation of six lighted pickleball courts to provide an outdoor opportunity for our residents.

An artificial turf field is proposed for the Southwest corner of the park to provide a facility that could increase sports training and also provide a field that would be available for use year round, specifically during the summer multi-purpose field maintenance closures.

The ADA improvements in the proposed plan also include a Miracle League field that would remove the barriers that keep children with mental and physical disabilities so that they can participate in athletic leagues on this field.

Fields and Lighting:  

The Town has recognized the need to improve the athletic turf and drainage throughout JCP. This will be addressed by reviewing the drainage concerns, regrading the fields, replacing the athletic turf, and installing additional drainage structures.

There are currently four sand volleyball courts on the north end of the park, however two are unlit. The proposed Master Plan includes moving the four sand volleyball courts to the south end of the park with a new parking area, while lighting all four courts and installing player shade structures between the courts.

The existing light fixtures, infrastructure, and poles have exceeded their life expectancy, therefore the Master Plan proposes replacement of all lighting fixtures and poles throughout the park.  With developments in sport lighting, there are substantial benefits to implementing newer technology, not only for JCP, but also for the surrounding neighborhoods.  

Buildings and Facilities:  

The current aging buildings within the park will be replaced to improve functionality in the concession stands and restrooms. The proposed plan also includes a new restroom/concession building at the Little League baseball fields and a new restroom/concession building on the south end of the multi-purpose fields to address the need for additional restroom facilities.

Access and Circulation:  

The proposed plan addresses improved signage, park access, and mobility within the park, to include sidewalks that would provide access to any part of the park.

A new parking area is proposed on the south end of the multi-purpose fields, which would provide parking for the volleyball courts, new pickleball courts, and additional multi-purpose field parking.  Additionally, the plan includes a proposed increase to parking in the north parking lot to meet the need for access to the baseball fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts.