Dog Park

GRAND OPENING: Saturday, October 27, 2018 9:00am 2183 W. Indiantown Rd.

One amenity of Cinquez Park that Jupiter residents are most looking forward to is the opening of the dog park.  The Town is pleased to be able to provide another area for Jupiter dog lovers to bring their furry friends for exercise and socialization.  There will be a fenced-in dog run for smaller dogs and a separate dog run for larger dogs.  Residents will also enjoy being able to walk their dogs around the large lake along the new walking paths in the park.  

This new space for dogs has prompted a change to Jupiter's leash laws, and in January of 2018, Council will be considering a proposal to amend the Town’s current leash law to specify that dogs must remain on-leash when they are outside of the fenced-in dog run areas. This proposal will not affect any other areas where dogs are currently allowed off-leash, such as at many of Jupiter’s beaches. To see the specific proposed language considered by Town Council, check out our agenda page at    

Grand Opening