Jupiter Skate Team

Skate Park Team Opportunity

At the Jupiter Skate Park we offer the opportunity for our skaters, scooters and bikers to apply to be part of our team for the year. Team members are individuals who set the perfect example of how park patrons should behave and utilize the facility. Applications are due by Friday January 11th, 2019 and the Team Selection Committee will make their decisions by Friday January 18th, 2019. All decisions by the committee are final and they are not up for discrepancy. A valid up to date GPA from their most recent report card must also be attached with submission. It is suggested that the form is filled out and signed by the kids themselves. Applicants must be 10-17 years of age to be considered for the team. We look forward to all of the applications and our new 2019 Skate Park Team! 

2019 Skate Team Application