2019 List of Historic Resources Board Priorities

Short Term Priorities

  1. 1913 Aicher House restoration and LD¹
  2. Train Depot Museum and Aicher House Use²
  3. Complete incentives (including a grant program) to entice property owners to locally designate and/or create historic districts (including Center Street)²
  4. Cinquez Park FL Marker
  5. Cinquez Park Interpretive Signs

Long Term Priorities

  1. Limestone Creek FL Marker
  2. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse (including 360 degrees of light beam emanation from the lamp room) LD
  3. Old Town Hall LD
  4. Jupiter Presbyterian Church LD
  5. Jupiter Elementary School LD
  6. Riverbend Park LD
  7. Suni Sands site FL Marker
  8. Sperry Estate including the Boathouse FL Marker

¹ = Local designation or other protective measures
² = 2019 Historic District/Area Creation Strategic Result