How to Tour the Lights

Take a personalized driving tour of the Lights of Jupiter this holiday season.""

Overview of app


Tour steps

To begin your tour of Lights of Jupiter, tap on the tour button at the bottom of the app.


Searching for Lights of Jupiter locations near you

Tap the "my location" button to activate the GPS based search.

Any Lights of Jupiter displays near you will be listed on this window. If no results are returned, use the slider in the search section to increase the distance the app is searching from you.

Search results and driving directions

Tap a Lights of Jupiter display from the list.  This opens the details about this site, such as the name & photos of the site.

Tap the "directions" tab to receive turn by turn driving directions.

To stay merry and safe on your tour, please follow these safety tips

  • View the map at home before heading out on your tour, and determine what areas of Town you’d like to see the most.
  • Do not use the online map while you are driving your vehicle.  Designate a navigator if you need to chart your course as you go.
  • Follow all current CDC social distancing guidelines while out on your tour.

Enjoy your Lights of Jupiter tour & be safe.  Thank you.