Summer Youth Camp Lottery Enrollment Directions

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Lottery registration will be from midnight on May 11 to 11:59 pm on May 13.  Due to reduced overall camp capacity, the 2021 Youth Summer Camp lottery will be limited to incorporated Jupiter residents ONLY. If a non-resident applies for the camp lottery, their household will not be included in the random lottery.

  1. Create a Rectrac Account
    If the child or a family member has been enrolled in previous camps or Recreation programs in the last 5 years, they already have an account and should NOT create a new one. Proceed to Step 2.
    1. If your family is new to our Recreation programs, you will need to create an account online at the Town of Jupiter Recreation Registration portal (AKA Rectrac).
    2. You will need to include ALL family members and birthdates including all children who will be enrolled in the lottery. If a child’s name or birthdate are missing, you will receive an error message and Rectrac will not allow you to continue the enrollment.
  2. Login to your Rectrac account “ONLINE REGISTRATION PORTAL"
    1. Enter Username (Household ID)- Generally, this will be your Recreation Household # or your email address. If you are unsure of your Household ID, you may call the Community Center at 741-2400 for assistance.
    2. Enter Password- If you have never logged into Rectrac before it is most likely your Household #. It should prompt you to then create a new password if this is your first time logging in. If you are unsure of your password, choose "FORGOT PASSWORD" under the account login. 
    3. Recreation staff does not have the ability to view account passwords. 
    4. If you need to update Household information such as phone numbers, email addresses, add a family member or update emergency contact information, you can do so by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT-UPDATE-HOUSEHOLD & MEMBER".
  3. Activity Search
    2. You can either search by "ACTIVITY CODE" 442300 or scroll through the available activities.
    3. *NOTE: Activity Code 442300 will only be available in the Rectrac search beginning May 11,12:01am-May 13, 11:59pm
  4. Activity Enrollment & Add to Cart
    1. Choose the green + to add the selected age group activity to the cart.
    2. A large green box will populate at the bottom of the screen and you will need to click on "ADD TO CART" again.
    3. The Household family members will appear and you will need to select which family member is being enrolled in this age group lottery. Once the family member has been selected choose "CONTINUE". 
    4. Activity and COVID 19 Waivers will appear on the screen. Parent will need to click “I AGREE” then click "CONTINUE". 
    5. If multiple children are being enrolled, the parent will select "CONTINUE SHOPPING" then repeat the above STEP 4.
    6. If a parent does not need to enroll more children, they may select "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT". 
  5. Payment
    1. There will not be any fees charged for the Lottery Enrollment however you will need to complete the customer information and select "CONTINUE" to complete the enrollment transaction. 
    2. If you do not receive a PDF receipt at the end, then you did NOT complete the enrollment. 

For questions regarding your Recreation online account, please call the Jupiter Community Center at 741-2400.  Staff is available to assist Monday-Friday 8am-8:30pm and Saturday 8am-3:30pm.