Marine Unit

Responsibilities of the Marine UnitMarine Unit

The Marine Unit is tasked with the responsibility of patrolling Jupiter's navigable waterways. This is accomplished with the use of a 32-foot Contender and a 24-foot Ocean Master police boat, as well as a 16-foot rigid hull inflatable vessel. The Unit’s primary focus is boating safety, as well as the protection of waterfront properties and the numerous environmentally sensitive areas located within the town's boundaries.

Due to the Jupiter Inlet being considered a dangerous inlet, we are also required to constantly monitor it (particularly when inclement conditions exist), and there is a large effort made to educate local boaters about the safe navigation of this frequently used waterway.

Marine Unit Officer

The Marine Unit Officer frequently conducts boating safety inspections of underway vessels, and also provides information regarding boating safety and the state boating safety course.

With cross-certification as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) agents, marine officers often assist federal and state agencies with narcotics interdiction and various other operations developed to protect our shoreline from illegal activities.

One of the most important activities the Marine Unit handles is the patrol of the Loxahatchee River, including the popular “sandbar area”, where our inflatable boat is put to good use. Officers assigned to this patrol area are charged with enforcing all boating safety regulations and safe-guarding sensitive marine wildlife.

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