Slow Down In Our Town

The Jupiter Police Department’s “Slow Down in Our Town” campaign aims to educate and remind residents and visitors of the importance of driving at safe speeds throughout the Town. Speeding can have dangerous consequences including decreasing control of the vehicle, extending the distance it takes to stop, and increasing the risk of crashes and injuries.

Getting the Community Involved

This campaign fosters a partnership between police and residents, working together to help keep our community safe. The Town introduced this campaign to coincide with schools getting back in session. Campaign posters are put up at the local high school and residents will notice banners at schools and parks with the campaign information.

There will also be yard signs moving from neighborhood to neighborhood that are designed to catch drivers’ attention as they travel through the residential areas. The Town’s Neighborhood Services Division will coordinate the neighborhood signs and encourage neighborhoods to host a community education event while the campaign signs are up. For more information, please contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 561-741-2511

Here are some easy school zone safety tips to follow: 

  • Be aware of school zones and observe the yellow flashing school zone lights and speed limit signs. 
  • Do not pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children. 
  • Always stop when directed to do so by an officer or a school crossing guard. 
  • Do not block crosswalks and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists at crosswalks. 
  • Stay alert while driving and don’t text and drive.