Adult Athletics

Adult Athletics Update 7/13/2020

Currently, all Town of Jupiter Adult Athletic League activities remain suspended until further notice.  The Recreation Department continues to monitor the Department of Health data along with local, state, and federal guidance and is actively developing guidelines, protocols, and any necessary adaptations to ensure league play is as safe as possible for all parties involved.  When Palm Beach County is given the approval by the governor to enter Phase 2 of the state's recovery plan, the Recreation Department will evaluate any new restrictions, regulations, and guidance issued.  At that time and if possible, the Recreation Department will seek to reintroduce the Town of Jupiter Adult Athletic Leagues and contact all interested teams.  Until that time, please stay safe and feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Town of Jupiter Athletics is more than just offering leagues. We are an active supporter of many athletic, non-profit organizations that help to better today's environment for the players, fans and coaches. By working with our local youth athletic organization, Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association, we not only provide the facilities for their leagues but also coaches training to strengthen our commitment to higher quality programs and leagues.

Youth Leagues

The local youth leagues are organized by the Jupiter-Tequesta Athletic Association (JTAA). The JTAA is a non-profit organization which operates strictly on a volunteer basis and is assisted by the Town of Jupiter. The Town of Jupiter provides the facilities in which practices, games and league coordination takes place.