Ongoing Weekly Classes

An ongoing class is a class that is continuous and does not follow the typical Summer, Winter, Fall & Spring class session start and end dates. New students are always welcome to join an ongoing class at any time as the instructors have developed teaching methods to incorporate new students into their classes without holding back the current students.

Many of the instructors, but not all, will allow you take one free class prior to signing up. At the very least, you may observe a class in action prior to registering. The pass card is ideal because it allows you the freedom of only coming when it is convenient for you. You are only charged a class if you attend, not if you miss one. However, all pass cards must be used within one year of the purchase date. A pass card is good for 10 classes. Not all ongoing classes go all year long so once the season comes to an end you may purchase just enough classes to get you through to the end of the season.

A few things to remember about the pass card:

  • The card is only good for the instructor it was purchased; however, you may attend any class the instructor is teaching
  • The card expires one year from the time of purchase
  • Some classes have been converted to our new pass card system which allows you to swipe at kiosks located in the main Community Center lobby. All ongoing classes will eventually be converted to this electronic swipe pass card.
For more information please call (561) 741-2400 or e-mail.