Civic Center Viewing

Wednesdays • 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Due to staff & scheduling issues we are not able to coordinate private showings of the Civic Center. The facility will be open every Wednesday from 12:30 -1:30 PM with the exception of holidays.  You may visit the facility during the normal viewing hours or you may try to visit the facility during a rental but it is at the discretion of the lessee to allow you into the facility while their event is taking place.

You will NOT be able to reach the person at the Civic Center by phone and you do not need to RSVP.  Doors open at 12:30 pm and will close at 1:30 pm

Please check this site frequently to be sure no unforeseen circumstances have canceled the Wednesday viewing.  Also, please note that there are NO outside rentals permitted at the Civic Center.  If you do not like the chairs, the way it looks or that there is no a/c, we suggest you do not rent this facility.  Please read your lease CAREFULLY, you will be fined for not complying to the rental policies.  Many photos cirulating the web and facebook are in direct violation with fire codes and rental policies.  We have been warned by the Fire Department and these violations will no longer be tolerated.

You may also try viewing the facility during the weekend when the majority of the rentals take place. The facility is rented almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Please visit the Civic Center calendar for more information.) Generally speaking, parties are set up in the morning and the actual party is in the afternoon or evening. It will be at the lessees discretion to permit you to see the Civic Center while they are using the facility. Most people are accommodating but they are not obligated to let you inside the facility.

Civic Center Calendar
The online calendar is not the official calendar, however, all attempts will be made to keep this calendar updated by the end of each week. Once a written cancellation is received, the online calendar is updated immediately so if you have a date in mind, check this calendar frequently.

Civic Center Photo Album
View pictures of the Civic Center online.