Volunteers in Police Services


**Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our department.   We are not currently accepting any further volunteer applications.  Please check back with us in the future.

The Jupiter Police Department's Volunteers in Policing Program (VIP) was established to help provide administrative support, and promote a positive relationship with the community. The volunteers work on an "as-needed" basis, without financial compensation, and are assigned various tasks, providing assistance in the areas of Patrol, Data Entry, Fingerprinting, and assisting the Fleet Coordinator with maintenance of police vehicles.

Because of the efforts shown by these dedicated individuals, Police Officers and other specialized positions within the Agency are able to spend more time serving the Community. In turn, the Department recognizes the valuable assistance that volunteers provide, and considers them as an integral part of the Jupiter Police Department team.

How to Become a Jupiter Police Department Volunteer

If you've ever asked yourself — What can I do to improve my community? — this is the place to find the answers. There are countless ways to help the Jupiter Police do its job, and you can help by volunteering within your community.