What does the phrase “Funky Fishing Village” mean when it is used to describe the Inlet Village?
“Funky” is intended to be an organic blend of the existing uses and activities. It describes a non-uniform, non-homogenous combination of commercial and residential development that can support today’s uses while giving a nod to the area’s past as a historic fishing village. In many development scenarios typical of today, there may be a handful of landowners in a given area developing fairly large tracts of land for a single use (i.e. a large shopping center or a residential community). In the Inlet Village, there is a variety of property sizes, ranging from a ¼ acre to as large as 10 acres, owned by several different businesses and property owners with many different uses. There are large-net commercial fishing boats, small charter fishing and diving boats, paddleboard and kayak rentals, single family homes, offices and office warehouses, and personal services such as dentists, family counselors, tutors, and accountants. There are also restaurants, motels, vacation rentals and mobile home parks. This development pattern is not the traditional one seen in South Florida; rather it is a character that has evolved with the area and is encouraged and expected to remain in the Inlet Village.

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24. What does the phrase “Funky Fishing Village” mean when it is used to describe the Inlet Village?