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Community Broadband Initiative Survey

  1. Community Broadband Initiative Survey
    Currently, Jupiter is assessing the technology and broadband needs of our local business community to define how this strategic initiative may be most effective in meeting business needs. This Community Broadband survey will helps us better understand the current state of broadband in Jupiter and the needs of our business community.
  2. 1. Please provide the number of staff in your Jupiter location.
  3. 2. Please provide your industry.
  4. 3. Please indicate all the ways you use the Internet. (Check all that apply.)
  5. 4. Would your business benefit from the services below, if not currently used? (Check all that apply.)
  6. 5. Based on your current business use of the internet, what impact do Internet problems, including reliability and speed, have on your business?
  7. 6. Are your current Internet services sufficient for your business needs?
  8. 6.1 If you answered "No" to questions 6, how are your internet services insufficient for your business needs?
  9. 6.2 If you answered "No" to question 6, why haven't you upgraded your Internet services?
  10. 7. Please rate your current Internet services.
  11. Price
  12. Reliability
  13. Speed
  14. Customer Service
  15. 8. How important is having multiple choices of Internet and broadband providers who can offer a wide range of pricing options and features from very economical to premium services to the long term success of the business.
  16. 9. The broadband services I am most interested in are:
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