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Community Broadband Letter of Support

  1. Broadband Letter of Support
    I believe that next-generation broadband is an essential feature of our community and that investments in this critical infrastructure will help secure our Town’s future in the digital world. Next-generation broadband will help ensure that our business community remains competitive and is positioned to thrive in the new economy. In addition, it will help position Jupiter as a smart community, attracting new high-tech jobs into our workforce and fostering growth of key industries. A foundation of advanced broadband will positively impact many aspects of our community, including economic development, education, safety and security and healthcare. In these aspects, broadband not only benefits our businesses but also the overall quality of life of our citizens.

    I state my support of the Town of Jupiter’s broadband initiative and believe that these wise investments in broadband infrastructure made by the Town will provide long-term benefits to our business community and our citizens’ overall quality of life.

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