Facility Application Policies

Reservations for the Jupiter Civic Center, Old Town Hall and Community Center are subject to an application review and approval process. Submitting an application does NOT automatically confirm your date.

**Please submit applications from a computer as our software is not currently compatible with smartphones.**

Reservation Policies

  1. All applications must be submitted through the Recreation's online Registration software.  
  2. No in-person applications are accepted.
  3. There is no fee to submit an application as it is NOT a reservation and does not hold dates.
  4. Calendar availability does not include any pending applications or maintenance closures.
  5. Applicants are required to be at least 21 years' old and be either a(n): 
    1. Incorporated Jupiter Resident*
    2. Incorporated Jupiter HOA/POA follow link.
    3. Incorporated Jupiter Civic/Non-Profit Group**
      **Must have an incorporated Jupiter resident member submit proof of residency with application in addition to the Incorporated Jupiter Civic/Non-Profit by-laws or Non-Profit designation paperwork from the State of Florida.  If tax exempt, please provide State of Florida Sales Tax Exempt Certificate with application or sales tax will be charged.
    4. Jupiter Public School
      Must be school related, not able to sponsor private functions
      REQUIRED:  Principal/Assistant Principal must submit written confirmation that event is school related
    5. Governmental Agency
      For government purposes only, not able to sponsor private functions
      REQUIRED: Director or department head must submit written confirmation that event is sponsored by agency
  6. *Residence Documentation Required
    To be eligible to rent Jupiter facilities you must provide both of the required documents below and these documents must have the same name and address of the resident applicant otherwise the application will not be accepted. Utility bills NEED to match the applicant's name and address otherwise they will not be accepted and your application delayed.  Prior to submitting an application the incorporated Jupiter resident/applicant must submit the following as proof of residency:
    1. ID Accepted: A Florida Driver’s License/ID Card with incorporated Jupiter address
    2. A current utility bill matching the name and address of the incorporated Jupiter resident's ID.
      1. A utility bill is a detailed invoice issued and paid once a month from a utility company such as electric, phone, natural gas, water/sewer, waste management, TV provider and internet service provider. Bank, insurance, stock, etc., paperwork will not be accepted.
    3. Resident documentation can be emailed here            preferably in .pdf or .jpg formats.
    4. If you are new to the area, a rental agreement or mortgage statement can be substituted for the utility bill.
  7. Applicant named on application is EXCLUSIVELY responsible for all stages of the application and rental process including, but not limited to, payments, communications, clean up, policy compliance, etc.
  8. If necessary, a resident may designate a representative to pick up/drop of the key by emailing at least 2 days prior to rental but not more than 7 days of rental.
  9. An application will be voided/deleted if residence documentation is not received within 12 hours of permit submission. Please note that this does not mean your date is being held for 12 hours, see #10.
  10. Applications are incomplete, and will not be processed, until the required incorporated Town of Jupiter resident paperwork has been received. 
  11. Complete facility applications (application + residency paperwork) will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  12. Town rental policy prohibits commercial use of Town facilities. Facilities are not to be used as a way to gain direct or indirect monetary benefit to any person, business, or any group other than for Non-Profit, 501(c)3 organization fundraisers.
  13. Usage, for all facilities combined, is restricted to no more than 2 days per calendar month, per applicant/account/group.
  14. Be sure to read the rental policies for your facility prior to submitting an application by visiting the Facility Rentals page.
  15. Application may be submitted up to 12 months in advance but not less than 10 days prior to the rental date.
  16. Online payments may be made using either MasterCard, VISA, or AMEX.
  17. Jupiter Businesses are no longer required/permitted to rent the Jupiter Civic Center.
  18. Failure to comply to application policies, rental policies, or misrepresenting yourself in any way may result in permit cancellation, reservation cancellation and/or total loss of security deposit.

Summary of Application Process

  1. If you do not already have one, create a Jupiter Recreation account 
  2. Obtain username and password to your account from system email within 24 hours.
  3. Incorporated Jupiter resident emails required residency documentation. (See #8 above)
  4. Incorporated Jupiter resident submits an application.
  5. Staff reviews application to ensure compliance of rental and application policies.
  6. Staff contacts applicant via email with questions or instructions on next steps.
  7. Applicant makes full payment online to confirm reservation.
*An incorporated Jupiter Resident pays Town of Jupiter taxes.
Examples NOT considered incorporated Town of Jupiter: Jupiter Farms, Jonathan’s Landing, Tequesta.

Questions? Please contact us at 561-741-2400, during our business hours or Email us at any time. 
 Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM-9 PM, Saturdays, 8 AM-4 PM.