Historic Designations

Designated Historic Resources and Protected Significant Archaeological Sites

Locally Designated

Below are the individually listed historic resources that have been locally designated historic, pursuant to Section 27-2438 of the Town Code.

  • Sawfish Bay Park - A Town park located at 1133 North Alternate A1A (designated in 2005).
  • WWII Naval Housing Building - A structure and surrounding property at 500 Captains Armours Way (designated in 2008).
  • Inlet Village Marina - A Town-owned property located at 950 North A1A (designated in 2009).
  • Jupiter Civic Center - A Town-owned structure and surrounding property located at 351 North A1A (designated in 2010)
  • People's Congregational Church - The original portion (circa 1924) of the Inspiring Generations Church building located at 430 Center Street (designated in 2013).
  • Florida East Coast Railway Jupiter Train Depot - A Town-owned structure originally built in 1915, which is located in Sawfish Bay Park (designated in 2015).
  • Sims House - Single-family house (circa 1924) located at 322 Center Street, which is owned by Ernie and Johna Fidanza (designated in 2018).
  • Councilor's House - Original portion of a single-family house (circa 1945) located at 305 2nd Street.  Owned by Christen Hutton (designated in 2020).
  • Brooker House - Single Family house (circa 1943) located at 1115 Cherokee Street, which is owned by John and Celeste Dysard (designated in 2021).
  • Alice Kitching-Benton House - Single Family house (circa 1931) located at 408 Center Street, which is owned by Stacey Telenzak (designated in 2022).

National Register of Historic Places

Below are the individually listed historic resources that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse - The historic Jupiter Lighthouse located at the junction of the Loxahatchee River and the Jupiter Inlet (listed in 1973).
  • Jupiter Inlet Historic and Archaeological Site - Address restricted (listed in 1985).

Protected Significant Archaeological Sites

  • Riverbend and Loxahatchee Battlefield Parks - Two archaeological Certificates to Dig for the portions of the Palm Beach County parks located in the Town were approved by the Historic Resources Board in 2007.