Certificate of Appropriateness

An owner of a locally designated historic structure will need to follow the guidelines (known as a “Certificate of Appropriateness”). Certificates of Appropriateness may be approved by the following process:

  1. Administrative - which generally includes changes to the following:
    • Roofing materials;
    • Window types;
    • Shutter types;
    • Doors;
    • Porches;
    • Or other similar appurtenance, as contained in the certificate of appropriateness approval matrix (attached).
  2. Special – Approved by the Historic Resources Board and includes changes such as alternations, restorations, renovations, relocations and material changes to existing walls, colors or the construction of new walls.
  3. Demolition – Must be approved by the Town Council. No certificate of appropriateness is required if the structure has been condemned by the Town.

Activities not requiring a certificate of appropriateness include general and occasional maintenance and repair of the following:

  • Lawn and landscaping care;
  • Minor repairs that restore or maintain the character of the historic structure;
  • Any ordinary maintenance which does not require a building permit from the Town;
  • Any interior alteration, construction, reconstruction, restoration or renovation (with the exception of those changes associated with the issuance of an improvement grant).

All changes to historically designated structures as listed above must be completed in accordance with the U.S. Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, and Restoring and Reconstructing Historic Buildings (find on the National Park Service’s website).