Open a Water Account

To apply for service simply come into our office and complete a consumer application form or you may call our customer service representatives at 561-741-2300 or and an application can be faxed or mailed to you. You may also download a copy of the consumer application form from the above link, complete the form, and mail or fax it back to us. This form pertains to properties with existing water service.

If you are applying for installation of a new meter a separate application is required. All connection fees must be paid prior to new meter installations being scheduled by our field crew.

*Accounts will only be established in the name of the property owner.

What We Do:
A utility field representative will be sent to your location to turn on the water and read the meter. This meter reading will be used to calculate your first bill. The Town of Jupiter Utilities requests 24-hours notice be given to accommodate your new account request. We suggest that someone check the location prior to you requesting water service to be turned on to verify all fixtures have not been left in the "on" position by the previous tenant or owner which may cause flooding and water damage. If no one is at the location and the meter is moving, the field representative will turn the water service off at the meter or the main house valve. A door hanger will be left at the location's main front entrance explaining that you will have to contact the customer service office or after hours office to reschedule another visit from a field representative.

It is recommended that all property owners notify the utility upon closing on the sale of property. The utility may then obtain the final meter reading for the owner and to provide an accurate billing of final charges.