The Town of Jupiter Utilities provides billing and maintenance services related to the Town’s Water Utility and Stormwater Utility, as well as billing services for the Refuse Collection within the Town’s corporate limits. There are about 30,000 accounts with the utility. Monthly billing of all services is provided for all customers within the utility service area. Service fees vary between the service areas of the Utility. Typical monthly rates and fees for residential service are listed here. In an effort to promote conservation of the limited water resources, the Town bills all customers on a conservation based block rate structure.

Typical Utility Charges effective October 1, 2019
Per Month
Base Facility Charge (Residential)
5/8" or 3/4" meter
1" meter
1 1/2" meter
2" meter

Charge per 1,000 gallons (Residential):
over 30,000

Surcharge (Unincorporated Palm Beach/Martin
County Residents Only

Garbage Fee (Inside Town of Jupiter Limits Only)
Yard Waste Fee (Inside Town of Jupiter Limits Only)
Recycling Fee (Inside Town of Jupiter Limits Only)
Stormwater Fee (Inside Town of Jupiter Limits Only). Single Family/Residential
For a more detailed listing of these rates and to see Commercial and Multi-family rates see Schedule of Fees
How is your Stormwater Fee Calculated
Schedule of Fees