Women's Self Defense Seminar

This activity has been canceled.  Check the Recreation homepage for updates.

April 4, 2020 • 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
FREE • Jupiter Community Center
Ages 16+

In recognition of October honoring Domestic Assault Awareness, Jupiter Traditional Martial Arts, in conjunction with the Not Just Me Foundation and the Jupiter Community Center, present a Women’s Self Defense Seminar. Suggested donation is $25/person. 100% of the monies received will go to benefit the Not Just Me Foundation, which is an organization that was created to help survivors of sexual assault.

Attendees will be educated by survivor, Not Just Me Foundation Founder and Jupiter resident Julie Weil on personal awareness and how to help those that are victims. Following her talk, the instructors of Jupiter Traditional Martial Arts will teach physical self defense in several stations. Focuses are awareness of personal space, striking, knees/elbows, "what’s in your purse?" and tactical, situational defense techniques.

The class is physically demanding, and those attending should dress for a work out. Even if you have physical limitations, please join us and participate in the sections that are appropriate for your abilities. Participants are responsible for notifying the instructors upon entering the class of any concerns or physical limitations.

Instructors include (but not limited to):
Robert Neier (4th degree black belt)
Kevin Fruge’ (3rd degree black belt)
Howard Freedland (3rd degree black belt)
Larry Louderback (3rd Degree Black Belt)
George Lambert (5th Degree Black Belt)

Even if you have taken aclass like this in the past, the only way one becomes skilled in protecting themselves is through practice. Therefore, please consider this CONTINUING EDUCATION.

Suggested age of participant is 16 y/o and up. Maximum number of participants is 40, so please, if you sign up and find that you cannot attend, contact the community center to cancel. During our last seminar, 10 people no-showed, and that means that we could have taken 10 additional people from our waiting list that missed out.

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For more information please call 561-741-2400.