Code Special Magistrate & Citation Information

Meeting Schedule

Code Compliance Special Magistrate hearings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM in the Town Council Chamber located at 210 Military Trail.  For more information please contact (561) 741-2477 or email us.  You can also check the Community Calendar.  (Dates are subject to change.)

Adoption of Ordinance 28-07

In 2006 the Jupiter Town Council approved Ordinance 28-07 to update Chapter 8 of the town code titled "Code Enforcement and Citation System."  Besides outlining the duties of the special magistrate, the change implemented use of a municipal citation system that allows code enforcement and police officers to enforce certain municipal codes through immediate issuance of a citation, providing a quicker means with which to address some of the issues that affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. View a sample of the citation here.

Code Citation Procedures

The procedures defined by this ordinance address violations of codes and ordinances related to building and property maintenance, zoning, noise, alcohol service and consumption, solicitation, minimum housing standards, and other similar codes which regulate aesthetics, construction, safety, use of property, parking, and development orders.  The sections of the town's code enforcement system that are covered in this new ordinance, along with a very general statement explaining what the ordinance stipulates, can be found on the Code Citation Fees page.

Special Magistrate Duties

The special magistrate is appointed by Town Council from a list of attorneys, and the magistrate's duties include adopting rules and procedures for conducting and presiding over code hearings; subpoena powers; assessing fines and costs; issuing orders to bring a violation into compliance; granting, denying or modifying extensions of time for compliance; authorizing liens against property owned by violators; granting requests for abatement or reduction of fines; and authorizing the release of liens.