Historic Resources Board Priorities

Historic Building Renovation Priorities

  1. 1913 Aicher House: Construction of the ramp/deck was halted due to the increase in wood prices related to the pandemic. Staff is monitoring the cost of lumber and once it decreases sufficiently, staff will again put it out to bid
  2. Train Depot Museum interior: In June 2020, the Town contracted with an architectural firm to prepare construction documents for the installation of air conditioning, insulation, electrical, doors, walls and floor (for energy efficiency). This is in process. 

Local Designations or other Protective Measures Priorities

  1.  Old Town Hall Local Designation (2021)
  2. Aicher House Local Designation (2022)
  3. Jupiter Elementary School
  4. Riverbend Park
  5. Jupiter Methodist (previously listed as Presbyterian Church)
  6. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse (including 360 degrees of light beam emanation from the lamp room) Local Designation

Florida Historical Markers Priorities

  1. Limestone Creek (2021)
  2. Jupiter Beach (2022)
  3. Suni Sands site, including the Sperry Estate and Boathouse 

Historic Interpretive Signage Priorities

  1. Cinquez Park (2021)
  2. Aicher House interior (2022)