Charitable Donation Program

Each year, the Town Council sets aside an amount of money to donate to local Jupiter non-profit organizations who provide programs and services to Town residents not offered by the local government.  Typically, this amount is budgeted at $25,000, but may vary from year to year.

Organizations who apply for funding will be evaluated based on:

  • Status as a registered non-profit (501(c)3)
  • The number of Jupiter residents directly served by the programs and services identified
  • The proposed use(s) of the funding
  • The value provided to the Jupiter community, specifically

Applications are due each year on March 1st, and consideration of the funding requests by the Town Council typically takes place at one of the regular April Council meetings.  Funding is dispersed within 2 weeks of approval.

Organizations submitting requests for funding are required to provide proof of non-profit status (501(c)3 designation). To submit an application requesting funding, click here.