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Town Archives

The Town Archives provides central storage for historically significant town records. Ordinance 16-03 established the "Archives" so the historic records could be collected, preserved, and made available to all.

The Archives will also collect and preserve private documents, photographs, and other materials that complement official town records.Archives document boxes

From the Archives

Town records list 23 Mayors and almost 100 Commissioners/Councilors since 1925. Their lives and the issues they faced while in office are interesting and sometimes fascinating. Elected officials in the past were often early pioneers, and names include Sims, DuBois, Gladwin, Bassett, and Tomasello. The elected officials often owned or managed businesses in Town ranging from retail to agriculture.

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Contribute to History

Any photos, business records, or documents about these elected officials would be welcomed. To donate documents or have them scanned and returned, please email