Commercial Block Rate Water Bill Calculator
Number of Equivalent Residential Connection (ERC's) :

Stormwater Equivalent Residential Unit ERUs:
Jupiter Town Limits
Palm Beach County
Martin County
Juno Beach Town Limits
Actual Monthly Usage:
Monthly Usage in 1000 Gallon Blocks
Rate Per 1000 Gallons
Gallons Per Rate Block
Amount Billed in 1000's
Amount Billed
0 to 6,000
6,001 to 14,000
All Over 14,000
Total Water in all Rate Blocks
Base Charge
Total Water Charges
Utility Tax
Total Monthly Bill

To determine the number of ERC's, if you are an existing customer, look at your bill and take your base charge and divide it by $22.21. 

If you are not an existing customer, your ERC's are based upon the previous 12 month consumption average at the location: Average Consumption per month/30 days/350 gallons per day/ERC = 0.0 ERC's

If a 12 month average consumption cannot be determined the ERC's will be based upon the size of the meter serving the location. Please use the following table to determine the ERC's:

5/8" or 3/4" meter1.0 ERC
1" meter2.5 ERC's
1 1/2" meter5.0 ERC's
2" meter8.0 ERC's
Larger MetersPlease Call Us


To determine the number of Stormwater ERU's, if you are an existing customer, look at your bill and take the amount billed and divide by $6.17.  If you are not an existing customer, your ERU's are based upon the number of square footage allotted to you by the landlord divided by 2651 sq ft per ERU. 


You Leased 3,000 sq ft space. As per your type of business you are allotted so many parking spaces (5).
1,000 sq ft parking. (5 spaces x 200 sq ft /space)
Total allotted space 4,000 sq ft
4000 sq ft/2651 sq ft per ERU = 1.5089 ERU's
1.5089 X $6.17/ERU = $9.31