Sidewalk Repair

Repair of Sidewalks on Town Owned Roadways
Tree RootsThe primary cause of damage to sidewalks is tree roots. Tree roots can cause portions of the sidewalk to raise or crack. This can create an uneven sidewalk. Public Works normally grinds the raised portion of the sidewalk away when possible, and the potential for a trip hazard is removed.

If the raised sidewalk is not possible to grind, then the sidewalk section may need to be lifted out, the tree roots removed, and then the section replaced. When this is not possible, Public Works will remove the broken sections and pour a new concrete sidewalk. If you note any of these conditions on Town owned sidewalks, please contact the Public Works office. 

    - This work is typically performed on a Work Needs basis by Neighborhood.  Barricades/Cones will be placed if needed for public safety, until repairs can be scheduled. 

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