COVID19 - What’s Up JUP?

As information becomes available, we’ll be providing updates on the status and happenings with Town services and departments. Here’s what’s up in Parks:

On August 27, Palm Beach County issued Emergency Order Number 21 allowing for playgrounds in Palm Beach County to reopen for public use.  In keeping with this Order, the Town reopened the playgrounds in its parks as well.  Residents are cautioned that as with any publicly-used amenity, the playgrounds are for use at your own risk.  The County-wide mask mandate is still in effect, and residents are asked to abide by that mandate and other safety recommendations to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Please stay tuned to our parks closings page and our COVID-19 information page for further updates.

The Town of Jupiter has over 25 different parks within its borders. Some of the parks are operated by the Town and some parks are a joint operation between Palm Beach County and Jupiter.  To learn more about all of the Town Parks and their amenities please see a listing of Jupiter Parks.

  1. Park Rules
  2. Palm Beach County Parks

Please note that each park contains a list of park amenities and park rules. These rules will be enforced: 

  • No animals permitted: There are a couple of reasons why animals are not permitted. First of all not all pets are friendly to humans or other dogs. Secondly, not all owners pick up after their dogs thereby creating a health issue when humans use the facilities.
  • No alcohol is permitted
  • Field usage by permit only: In order to maintain above standard facilities they need down time. This time allows grass to grow and employees to groom areas that are heavily used.
  • Field usage sport specific: No golfing. Some people don't realize that this tears up the grass and could pose a safety issue if others are using the park. The divots that a golfer leaves after hitting golf balls grow back slowly thereby ruining the area for others.
  • Private Sport Clinics / Lessons: It is not permitted for private groups or individuals to conduct athletic clinics or lessons in town parks.
  • Parking: Cars must park in designated parking areas. It is not recommended that you leave valuables in parked cars as some thieves target parked cars along the beach and in parks.