1. Only Jupiter based civic groups/organizations, Jupiter based non-profits/501(c)3 organizations and Jupiter based public schools will be permitted to host fundraising events at the Jupiter Civic Center, Jupiter Community Center and Jupiter Old Town Hall.
    1. All groups must submit organizational paperwork with application or facility request.
    2. In the event of a Jupiter based public school the principal will be required to sign the lease or application.
    3. A civic group is an organized, chartered group of people who are joined together to network with each other and serve the community. (i.e., women's clubs, Lions Club, Toastmasters, churches, garden clubs, Friends of the Library, and, Rotary clubs are all examples of civic groups.)
    4. Jupiter based civic groups/organizations, Jupiter based non-profits/501(c)3 organizations and Jupiter based public schools will not be required to have a Jupiter business sponsor their event if they are renting the Jupiter Civic Center.
  2. If you do not meet the fundraising criteria your application/lease will not be accepted.
    1. Request from individuals or business will not be approved.
    2. Only groups specified may receive any type of benefit or payment in connection with any fundraising activities or events held at a Town facility, either in the form of direct/indirect monetary gain, trade, discounts and/or any other goods or services.
  3. All facility rules and policies apply to all fundraising events.
  4. All fees apply unless specifically waived by Town Council.
  5. If your event is open to the general public then the sponsoring agency must name the Town as an additionally insured.
    1. Additional insured's are a common and increasingly important part of liability insurance.
    2. The purpose of an additional insured is to protect the rights of another party that might become legally liable for the actions of the named insured. For instance, the Town of Jupiter might be named in a lawsuit as a result of a fundraiser hosted on Town property. By naming the Town of Jupiter as additional insured, the named insured extends coverage, especially defense costs, to the Town of Jupiter. The organization's insurance company would have to defend both the named insured and the additional insured. It is important you make sure your agent is aware of the specific nature of the relationship you have with the additional insured, to ensure the proper additional insured form is provided.
  6. If your organization is eligible and would like to host a fundraiser then an officer from the organization must complete a fundraising disclosure/affidavit and submit it with either the Community Center/Old Town Hall application or Civic Center Lease.
    1. The purpose of this disclosure is to certify that each event is in compliance with our fundraising policies.
    2. Failure to do so, or disclose all event information, may result in cancelation of your rental.
    3. Incomplete information will delay the approval/processing of your application and may result in loss of your requested date/time.
    4. Dates will not be held without a disclosure form, payment, and application or lease, depending upon which facility you are requesting.
  7. Fundraising Disclosure/affidavit (PDF) This document must accompany all applications and rental forms upon submittal or your reservation/request will not be processed.
Should you have any questions please contact Bonnie Caroline at (561) 741-2314 or e-mail.