Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Mark your calendars! 

Project Overview

As part of the 2023 Strategic Planning Process, the Town Council has initiated a comprehensive Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan to elevate indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for both youth and adults in our community. The Town recognizes the importance of addressing current needs and identifying opportunities for enhancements within our parks and facilities to better meet the evolving needs of our residents.

Project Goals and Intended Outcomes

The Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Identification of Opportunities for Enhancements: Conduct a thorough analysis of existing parks and indoor recreation facilities to identify areas for improvements and upgrades.
  2. Partnership Opportunities: Explore a list of facilities that may provide potential partnership opportunities to meet community needs and elevate recreational offerings.
  3. Long-Term Road Map: Develop a ten (10)-year road map that includes exciting construction plans, renderings, and funding strategies for projects slated for completion in years one (1) through five (5).

Who’s Helping Us

The Town has enlisted the services of Miller Legg, a highly reputable consulting firm with extensive experience in Parks and Recreation Master Plan development. Miller Legg has proposed a comprehensive planning process that involves:

  • Analysis of existing facilities
  • Review of relevant data sources
  • Needs assessment through community outreach and stakeholder meetings/interviews
  • Analysis of recreation trends
  • Draft Master Plan development with distinctive park concepts
  • Mechanisms for funding

Master Plan Components

The final Master Plan will comprise the following components:

  1. Goals Statement
  2. Data Collection and Analysis Summary
  3. Level of Service Standards
  4. Needs Assessment Summary
  5. Listing of Positive Recommendations
  6. Construction Cost Estimates
  7.  Community Investment Programs
  8.  Implementation and Funding Strategies
  9. Other Funding Sources
  10. Charts, Graphs, and Maps depicting data from all of the above

Project Timeline

Miller Legg presented a ten (10) month timeline on November 3, allowing for a draft Master Plan to be completed by in mid-2024. This aligns with the Town’s Community Investment Program budget development for fiscal year 2025 and beyond. The final Master Plan is anticipated to be complete and presented to the Town Council in early fall 2024.

Community Involvement

The Master Planning process emphasizes community involvement, including:

  • Needs assessment through community outreach
  • Stakeholder meetings and interviews
  • Opportunities for public input including a survey and pbilc workshop

We invite you to review the information provided on this webpage. As the project progresses, stay tuned for updates on social media and an upcoming public workshop. Your engagement is crucial as we work together to shape the future of Jupiter's parks and recreational facilities.

For more information, please contact Kristin George at and/or (561) 741-2328.

Thank you for your support and involvement in this exciting project!