Candidate Information

Terms and Residency Requirements

Town Council Members and the Mayor are elected for a three year term. Two Council Members must reside in the First District and two Council Members must reside in the Second District. The Mayor may reside in either District. All candidates are elected by the voters of the Town at large. Every candidate for Council or Mayor must be a registered voter in the Town and must have resided in the Town for a six-month period preceding the election.

Candidate Information

Candidates Please Remember: Do not collect or spend any money until you have filed an "DS-DE 9; Appointment of Campaign Treasurer" form with the Jupiter Town Clerk. (See online forms link below.) 

Campaign  Treasurer Reports

At the June 21, 2022 Town Council Meeting, Ordinance 6-22 was adopted, requiring all Town election candidates to file their Campaign Treasurer  Reports electronically. Please click the image below to view/log in to your account.

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Qualifying Information

To qualify as a candidate, the following State and Town forms must be completed and submitted, along with paying the qualifying fee. All forms are available online and in the Town Clerk's Office. 



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