Town Sponsored Event Guidelines for Campaigns

The Town of Jupiter follows the following guidelines for candidates wishing to participate in Town-held, Town-funded, and Town-sponsored events.

  • Candidates, their campaign organizations, or political organizations may not purchase or request tables in any vendor, exhibitor, sponsor or other area of the event.
  • Candidates are permitted to promote their campaign on the grounds and/or in the event venue as long as it is not at a fixed location (permanent table, display, or exhibit). 
  • Candidates are allowed to take signatures/petitions.
  • Candidates may not share or partner with another group in order to use that location as their political platform or fixed location. Candidates may not “sub-lease” space from a vendor, exhibitor or sponsor in any area of the event.
  • Town officials and law enforcement will accommodate any group that plans to protest by finding a safe, designated location on the grounds of the event venue.
  • Candidates may not place signage anywhere within the event or event parking areas.
  • Businesses, exhibitors or vendors may not campaign on behalf of a candidate at the event.
  • Candidates are not allowed to solicit donations from individuals at the event, but may include in their handouts and literature information on how donations can be made.
  • Candidates may hand out giveaways/novelty items or literature (if not at a fixed display or location).
  • Candidates may not make speeches or gather crowds at the event.
  • Candidates and their organizations may not be disruptive to the event activities and event flow (competing sounds, activities, etc.).
  • It is assumed candidates will follow all rules as outlined in the Florida Department of State Division of Elections’ “Candidate & Campaign Treasurer Handbook” available on the Town’s website in the Elections section, as well as Town Code relating to political signage.