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Beware of Virus Scams 

“Virus found.” “Your computer is infected.” “Your account has been compromised.” The message may come in the form of a phone call, an e-mail, or a pop up on your computer. Whatever form it takes, someone is trying to coerce you into making reckless and impulsive choices out of fear. They may ask for a gift card payment, a credit card payment or even worse, for you to allow them remote access to your computer to fix the problem. They may claim that they are with a reputable company, or even a company you are familiar with. Whatever request is made of you, do not agree. 

So what should you do? If you are truly concerned that you might have a problem with your computer, take your device(s) to a reputable technician for a scan. Don’t click on anything, open any links, or download any documents or programs. Don’t ever provide personal information or bank account information to anyone you do not know or trust. Remember, the person calling or emailing you has a goal of creating a sense of urgency and fear in you to get you to act before thinking. By taking your time and being cautious, you can avoid being scammed.

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Remember: Always Report Suspicious Activity!