Public Education

Police Department Crime Prevention Programs

In addition to coordinating the Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs and helping to form new ones, the Jupiter Police Department can provide personalized security surveys to residents and business owners, helping to make their homes and businesses less attractive targets for criminals.

The Jupiter Police Department also provides public education / public awareness programs, designed to assist in the prevention of various criminal acts, including but not limited to:
  • Credit Card Fraud and Distraction Thefts
  • Counterfeiting
  • Con Artists and Scams
  • Crimes Against the Elderly

Education for Children

The Jupiter Police Department provides education directed toward children, acting as "McGruff the Crime Dog," as well as other animated characters during frequent tours of the police department, given to area children who live and/or attend schools in the community. This important interaction helps to break down any barriers that may exist between children and the Police.

Remember: Report Suspicious Activity!