Crime Prevention & Your Home

Make Doors Crime Resistant

Install deadbolt locks, solid doors and sturdy hinges and strike plates. (Be sure all materials meet building and fire codes.)

Secure Sliding Doors

  • Drill a hole through the inside frame, and insert a nail to prevent sliding.
  • Place a strong piece of wood in the track.
  • Install locks to prevent sliding or lifting.

Prevent Window Entry

  • Use window key locks.
  • Keep keys in window locks for quick exit in case of emergency or fire.
  • For double-hung windows, drill holes downward where inside and outside sashes meet.
  • Insert nails or bolts.
  • Consider Buying an alarm from a reputable dealer.

Crime Proof Outside Areas

  • Keep yard, porch and entrances well-lit.
  • Look into motion detection lighting.
  • Store tools, toys, etc., after use.
  • Never hide keys outside your home.
  • Keep bushes trimmed.

Safeguard Valuables

  • Engrave TV's and other household valuables with some identifiable number or label.
  • Rent a safe-deposit box for small valuables.
  • Have peace of mind when you're away.
  • Inform a trusted neighbor of travel plans. Have him or her collect mail and other deliveries.
  • Don't share your plans with strangers.
  • Leave shades in their normal positions. Put 2 or more lights on a timer. Use them daily, not just when you're away.
  • Ask local Police for a free security check.

Take Precautions When

  • Driving
    • Lock doors and roll up windows
    • Keep valuables out of sight
    • Park in well-lit-areas
    • Never pick up strangers
  • Stay in your locked car with windows up if:
    • Someone bumps you from behind - Criminals may be trying to lure you from the car
    • You have car trouble - signal stopping motorist to get help for you
  • Taking public transportation
    • Wait at a busy, well-lit stops
    • Sit close to the driver
    • If someone harasses you, yell for help
  • Walking, biking or jogging
    • Go with a friend
    • Avoid isolated areas
    • Stay alert (no headphones!) and look confident
    • Don't carry lots of cash or wear expensive clothing or jewelry
  • Protect yourself at all times.

Be Alert When

  • Returning home
    • Have your key ready as you approach the door
    • If you think someone is inside, don't go in - call the police from a nearby phone
  • Answering your door
    • Talk through a closed door, don't depend on a door chain. Consider installing a peephole.
    • Never let a stranger in.
    • Ask service people to slip identification under the door - call the "home office" to verify
  • Hold your purse firmly and cover the clasp with your hand.
  • Never leave your purse unattended.