Can I build a seawall?

Yes, but the location of the seawall is dependent on if the property has an existing seawall that meets the definition of a Bulkhead in Town Code or if the existing shoreline stabilization on the property meets the definition of a Revetment in Town Code. If the property does not have an existing seawall as defined by Town Code, other options are available such as a riprap or an upland retaining wall. All options require permitting with the Town. Prior to submitting a permit application, the Town recommends having a pre-application meeting with Natural Resources and Planning staff. Staff are able to help determine if the existing shoreline stabilization meets the definition of a bulkhead or revetment, and will provide the replacement options available as determined by Code. All applications must include authorizations from all other applicable entities such as Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Army Corps of Engineers, and Homeowner’s Association. Please contact Planning and Zoning at 561-741-2323 with questions.

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