What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a long term blueprint for future growth of the Town. It summarizes relevant information such as population projections, the pattern of existing development, suitability of land for development, the capacity of public facilities to serve future development, and the financial capacity of the Town to make improvements to those facilities. It establishes official Town policies toward land use and growth. It includes the Future Land Use Map (FLUM), which regulates the general type of land use that is allowed (ie: C.R.I.: Commercial, Residential or Industrial, etc.) and the maximum density (living units per acre) or intensity (square feet of building area) allowed for those uses. The State of Florida requires all counties and municipalities to adopt a comprehensive plan. All land use decisions made by the Town must be in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan must consist of the following Elements, or chapters: Future Land Use, Transportation, Infrastructure (water, wastewater, drainage, etc), Recreation and Open Space, Conservation, Coastal Management, Housing, Intergovernmental Coordination, and Capital Improvements. Every seven years the Comprehensive Plan is evaluated and usually rewritten to update the blueprint for the NEXT seven years. The next Comprehensive Plan evaluation will be in 2022. The Five Year Community Investment Progam (or CIP) is updated annually.

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11. What is the Comprehensive Plan?
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