How do I officially become a Florida resident?

Apply for a Florida Driver’s License or ID Card. See Requirements on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) website.

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1. When is the next Town election? How do I know where to vote?
2. Where can I register to vote?
3. When are Town Council and CRA meeting agendas and backup, meeting audio, and meeting minutes posted on your website?
4. What are the different Boards and Committees the Town has and where can I get more information on them?
5. How can I find out about upcoming projects that my company may want to bid on?
6. How can I find out about Town Ordinances?
7. How can I get in touch with Town Council members?
8. How can I express my opinion at a Town Council meeting on a topic not included in the meeting agenda or on a Public Hearing agenda item?
9. What is the difference between Consent Agenda and Regular Agenda – What does it mean?
10. What are Comment Cards and when do I need to complete one?
11. Where can I find a warranty deed?
12. Where can I find building permits or property surveys?
13. How can I find a birth/death certificate?
14. Where can I request to Vote-by-mail?
15. Where do I get a marriage license?
16. How do I officially become a Florida resident?
17. How do I get a Business Tax Registration for my business?
18. How can I get a copy of my property taxes?
19. How do I register my business so I can submit information on a upcoming bid?