What can I put on the brick?

Individuals have two options in selecting their message: 1) Bricks with an Armed Forces Insignia: Choose one branch insignia (U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard) and add up to four (4) lines of text with 15 characters maximum per line. 2) Bricks without an Armed Forces Insignia: Add up to four (4) lines of text with 21 characters maximum per line. Please note, spaces are included in the character limit. 

All messages should be appropriate and political messages are not allowed. The Town of Jupiter reserves the right to deny the placement of any brick it deems to be inappropriate.

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1. How much does a brick cost?
2. How do I purchase a brick?
3. What can I put on the brick?
4. Where will the legacy brick be placed?
5. How long will bricks be on sale?
6. When will bricks be installed?
7. Will I be notified when the brick is installed?
8. Can I pick where my brick is placed?
9. I would like to purchase two (or more) bricks and would like them placed together. Is this possible?
10. Can I purchase a brick to honor someone who served in the Armed Forces of a foreign country?
11. I want to order more than one brick, but the system won’t let me. What do I do?
12. Can the brick be placed for anyone, or must they be a veteran?
13. Can I place a nickname on the brick, or does it have to be a legal name?
14. Will the Town verify the verbiage before the bricks are ordered?
15. Does the brick have to include a name or can it just be a note or saying/statement?
16. I am having trouble ordering the brick online. How else can I purchase a brick?
17. How can I pay for my brick?