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1. What process did the Town of Jupiter follow in deciding to start the Jupiter Fire Rescue Department?
2. Are Palm Beach County fire fighters and union members contracted with the Town of Jupiter?
3. How long will it take for the Town to build its fire rescue department?
4. Will PBCFR continue to provide service to Jupiter residents while the JFRD is formed?
5. Will residents be paying double while PBCFR is providing service during the 3 years it takes to create the JFRD?
6. What is the anticipated cost of fire rescue services if the Town maintains its agreement with PBCFR?
7. What is the anticipated cost of fire rescue services if the Town forms its own department?
8. Will the Jupiter taxpayer see a reduction in their tax bill when the JFRD begins operations in 2026?
9. What is the anticipated size of a JFRD?
10. Will it be difficult to recruit personnel for the JFRD?
11. Will emergency medical services be provided by the JFRD?
12. How will the JFRD be funded, both in terms of start-up costs and ongoing operations?
13. How did the Town determine the timeline and costs associated with forming a JFRD?
14. Was the Town dis-satisfied with the levels of service being provided by PBCFR? Why the JFRD now?
15. Will there be a change in the level of service between JFRD and PBCFR?
16. How will the project to create the JFRD be managed?
17. Will Jupiter use land purchased through the Open Space Bond Program for a new fire station?