Stormwater Monthly Rates and Calculations

Stormwater rates are billed monthly on your utility bill and all residential rates are equal to 1.0 ERU. Each ERU is billed at $6.17 each, per month (rate effective October 1, 2021).


Commercial rates are calculated based upon the square footage of the business. If you are an existing customer look at your bill and take the amount billed and divide it by $6.17 to determine the number of stormwater ERU's. If you are not an existing customer, your ERU's are based upon the number of square feet allotted to you by the landlord, divided by 2651 sq. ft. per ERU.

For Example:
You leased a 3,000 sq ft space. As per your type of business you are allotted five parking spaces. This is equal to 1,000 sq. ft. of parking (5 spaces x 200 sq ft / space).

Your total allotted space is 4,000 sq ft.

4,000 sq ft ÷ 2651 sq ft per ERU = 1.5089 ERU's

1.5089 x $6.17 per ERU = $9.31

Stormwater Calculator

A stormwater calculator is included in our Commercial Block Rate Water Bill Calculator for your use in determining the charges to your account.

If there are any questions regarding the square footage we have allotted to your business, please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns at (561) 741-2705.