How often will my garbage be collected?
You will be notified of your designated days when you sign up for water service. You can also refer to the Town of Jupiter Trash Zone Map.

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1. When will my cart be delivered?
2. What if I do not want a trash cart?
3. What size cart will I receive?
4. How can I change my cart size?
5. Can I order an additional cart?
6. If my cart is lost or damaged, how do I order a replacement?
7. Is there a charge for replacement cart?
8. What is the normal life span of the carts?
9. I just moved to the Town of Jupiter; do I have to pay for my cart?
10. What are my service days for garbage, yard waste and recycling?
11. What time will my garbage, yard waste and recycling be collected on my service days?
12. What if I have excess trash that will not fit inside of my cart?
13. What do I do with my old containers?
14. Do we have to use the Waste Management bin exclusively?
15. When should I start using the new trash cart?
16. Will trash still be picked up twice a week?
17. Why do I have to use the new trash cart?
18. Why has my garbage bill gone up?
19. Do the new trash carts apply to Jupiter Farms, Jupiter Inlet Colony, Tequesta, unincorporated Palm Beach County?
20. What if I already have the same shape cart, can I use it?
21. If I request a 96-gallon cart, will I receive a 64-gallon cart as well?
22. What if I am disabled or physically unable to get my trash to the street or return the cart to my storage area?
23. Is there a plan to recycle existing bins that we can no longer use?
24. Will recycling be changing as well?
25. How often will my garbage be collected?
26. Can I order a 32-gallon cart?
27. How do I start garbage service as a new resident?
28. What are the rules concerning yard waste?
29. What happens to trash pickup during a holiday week?
30. Where and how do I place my garbage for collection?
31. When do I put out my garbage?
32. What about bulk pickup?
33. Where do I dispose of old medications?
34. What about hazardous waste?
35. Who handles garbage and waste collection in Jupiter?