Who handles garbage and waste collection in Jupiter?
Waste Management handles collection for the Town of Jupiter. They can be reached at (772) 546 -7700 or (800) 824-8472, or you may visit their website:Waste Management

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1. When will I receive my new trash cart?
2. When should I start using the new trash cart?
3. Will trash still be picked up twice a week?
4. Do we have to use the Waste Management bin exclusively?
5. Can I get two garbage carts?
6. Why do I have to use the new trash cart?
7. Do the new trash carts apply to Jupiter Farms, Jupiter Inlet Colony, Tequesta, unincorporated Palm Beach County?
8. What do I do if all my garbage does not fit into the one trash cart?
9. If I request a 96-gallon cart, will I receive a 64-gallon cart as well?
10. What do I do with my old garbage can(s)?
11. What if I already have the same shape cart, can I use it?
12. Is there a plan to recycle existing bins that we can no longer use?
13. Will recycling be changing as well?
14. Can I order a 32-gallon cart?
15. Why has my garbage bill gone up?
16. How do I start garbage service as a new resident?
17. How often will my garbage be collected?
18. What are the rules concerning yard waste?
19. What happens to trash pickup during a holiday week?
20. Where and how do I place my garbage for collection?
21. When do I put out my garbage?
22. What about bulk pickup?
23. Where do I dispose of old medications?
24. What about hazardous waste?
25. Who handles garbage and waste collection in Jupiter?