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Facility Rentals

  1. Community Center Request Application

    Facility Rental Form Community Center

  2. Fundraiser Affidavit
  3. Hospitality Vendor Registration

    Only to be used by hospitality industry businesses who will be providing clients products and/or services at a Town of Jupiter rental... More…

  4. Old Town Hall Rental Request Application

    Facility Rental Form Old Town Hall

  1. Facility Rental Refund Request/Confirmation
  2. HOA/POA Meeting Request Application

    HOA/POA Facility Rental Form

  3. Household Information Request/Resident ID Upload

    Household Information Inquiry Request

Human Resources

  1. Employee Wellness Survey

    The wellness committee would like some feedback for upcoming wellness events!

  1. Wellness Program Shirt Size

Jupiter Jubilee

  1. Jupiter Jubilee Civic Fair Survey

    Jubilee Civic Fair Survey

Neighborhood Services

  1. Community Development Block Grant - COVID19 Application

    The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and... More…

New Residents

  1. New Resident Guide Request Form

    Welcome new residents! If you would like to receive a hard copy version of Jupiter's New Resident Guide, please complete the form... More…

Planning and Zoning

  1. Customer Service Survey
  2. Temporary Food Establishment Site Modification

    For use to submit plans to modify outdoor seating, signage and parking areas under the executive orders issued by the State of Florida... More…

  1. Planning and Zoning De-Mystified Workshop


  1. Bicycle Registration Form

    Register your bicycle with the Jupiter Police Department. Once you have registered your bicycle online, you will be contacted via... More…

  2. Contact the Jupiter Police Department online

    Attention: Contacting us through the contact form below (JPD Contact Form) or sending us an e-mail should NOT be used in the case of an... More…

  3. Request a Security Check

    You can request a security check for your home or business while you are out of town.

  1. Coffee with a Cop

    We hope you will join us for Coffee with a Cop. Registration is required and there is a limit of 20 attendees for this event. Masks... More…

  2. Jupiter Police Department Special Needs Registry

    The Special Needs Registry is an initiative of the Jupiter Police Department. Its purpose is to compile and maintain a list of... More…

  3. Submit Crime Tips

    If you have a crime tip, please submit it here. You can remain anonymous.


  1. PURE Citizen
  2. Report a PURE Business

    See a business reducing their plastics? Congratulate them by letting us know they are a PURE business.

  1. PURE Order Form

    Order your PURE SWAG Materials. You must be a participant in the PURE Campaign.


  1. Recreation Classes- Reopening Plans
  2. Registration - TOJ Homeroom

    Employee form to gauge interest in a free program to facilitate online learning for children of employees while PBC schools are closed... More…

  1. Registration - SHARK Program

    Employee form to gauge interest in a free program to facilitate online learning for children of employees while PBC schools are closed... More…

  2. TOJ Hurricane Camp

    The Recreation Department will offer a youth day camp at the Jupiter Community Center from 8am-5pm during the weekdays immediately... More…

Special Events

  1. Holiday Boat Parade Feedback

    Survey for Holiday Boat Parade event at the Riverwalk


  1. PURE Pledge
  1. Town of Jupiter Survey of Restaurant, Convenience and Hospitality Businesses

    The Town of Jupiter is beginning an education campaign to encourage the reduction of the use of single-use plastic straws and other... More…

Town Clerk

  1. Application to Serve on a Jupiter Board or Committee

    Apply for a board or committee. Serve on a board or committee.

Town Council

  1. Town Council Annual Charitable Donation Request

    This annual program provides donations to non-profit and charitable organizations who provide services to the community not provided by... More…

Town Manager

  1. EOC Callout List

    List of individuals who report to the EOC for storm or emergency duty.

  2. ICS & Section Chief Callout List

    List of individuals who are section chiefs within TOJ's ICS for storm or emergency duty.

  3. Inlet Village Business Sign Request
  1. Harbourside Place Event Observation
  2. Infrastructure Equity Program Application
  3. RSVP for PD and Data Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

    Monday, October 21, 9am, Jupiter Community Center


  1. Utility Customer Contact Information

    Enables customers to submit updated contact information to Utilities Customer Service.

Vendor Form

  1. Application to hold a Non-Profit Event at the Plaza Down Under on the Riverwalk

    If you are interested in hosting your non-profit event at The Plaza Down Under on the Riverwalk, please fill out the below application... More…

  1. Food Vendor Interest Form

    If you are interested in being a food vendor at one of the Town’s events, please fill out this form. The form will be seen by all of... More…